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Technology can make dental care more convenient and accurate for our patients.

We invest in our patients' health by implementing the latest technology, whenever possible. Here are some examples of ways that we use technology to provide you with excellent dental care.

Digital Dental X-Rays

Dental x-rays have always been among the lowest in radiation in the medical field. With the implementation of digital dental x-rays, we have been able to reduce radiation emissions even more – by up to 90 percent. 

Digital dental x-rays also provide the highest resolution images available. Dr. Weinstein can evaluate your images more accurately than ever. He can adjust the contrast, brightness, and exposure to get the most precise image possible. This assists in accurate diagnosis and early treatment of dental conditions.

Rotary Endodontics

Rotary endodontics allows Dr. Weinstein to perform root canal therapy safely and with fewer complications. The rotary endodontic tips are five times more flexible than traditional endodontic files, resulting in more successful root canal therapy and better healing overall.

Intraoral Camera

Understanding the conditions inside your mouth can be a real challenge, but with an intraoral camera, we can show you what we see when examining your teeth and gums.

Our intraoral camera is small, just a little larger than a toothbrush. We can take pictures of your teeth, gums, and areas inside your mouth and immediately bring them up on our computer screen for you to see.

We can store these images in your digital chart to monitor your conditions over time. We can even submit your images to the insurance company on your behalf.

Nitrous Oxide Sedation

If you have anxiety about your dental treatment or you have difficulty getting numb, let us know. We offer nitrous oxide sedation to increase your comfort level and allow you to enjoy stress-free dental appointments.

Nitrous oxide sedation is administered through a small nose mask. We blend it with oxygen and can control your sedation level throughout your appointment. Nitrous oxide leaves your body quickly, and within a few minutes of your appointment, you will be feeling like yourself again. 

Nitrous oxide is so safe that we can even use it on anxious kids.

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