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Crowns and Bridges

If you have ever experienced a broken tooth, your dentist may have recommended a dental crown. At the office of Craig S. Weinstein, DMD, Dr. Weinstein creates highly esthetic, durable dental crowns to protect your tooth and your smile!

Tooth Damage and the Best Solution

Patients sometimes wonder why they need a dental crown instead of a filling. While both restorations can protect your tooth, they each serve a different purpose:

Dental fillings – We use fillings to repair teeth in instances of decay or chips. Fillings work great to seal your tooth and keep out bacteria.

Dental crowns – Because a dental crown covers your tooth, it actually provides support to a tooth with significant damage.

Dental bridges – If your tooth is severely decayed, broken below the gumline, or infected, we may need to extract your tooth. A dental bridge can complete your smile in the event of tooth loss.

What Is a Dental Crown?

A dental crown covers your tooth structure and provides support by absorbing force, doing the job of your natural tooth. When teeth sustain cracks, deep decay, or damage from a clenching and grinding habit, they are not as strong as they once were. Dental crowns can help.

So you can have the best results, Dr. Weinstein designs each dental crown individually, customizing the size, shape, and color to match your smile. We offer dental crowns in a metal and porcelain blend, as well as all-porcelain crowns, depending on your needs.

Our dental lab will provide a final restoration that will look and feel great. Dr. Weinstein will permanently attach it to your tooth, making final adjustments to ensure a comfortable fit!

What Is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge consists of three crowns. Two crowns hold an artificial tooth to fill the gap in your smile. A dental bridge keeps your other teeth from shifting toward the gap.

Like dental crowns, we create each dental bridge to complement your smile so it looks natural. 

Dental bridges are a great option for those patients who want or need an alternative to dental implants.

Caring for Your Crowns and Bridges

All dentistry requires care to ensure the longevity of your investment.  

A dental crown requires the same care as your natural teeth:

  • Keep your gums healthy by brushing and flossing.
  • Keep your regular dental cleaning appointments.
  • Schedule at least two yearly exams with Dr. Weinstein.

Dental bridges require a little additional care. Make sure to clean away the food particles around and beneath your dental bridge. Even though it will require some practice, flossing around your bridge is important. We can recommend products to make it easier.

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